Mizuno Morelia Football shoes
Stories | 02.01.2020

Morelia 35th Anniversary

Since its introduction in 1985, the Mizuno Morelia has been worn by several of the world’s most notable players and has represented one of the milestones in football boots history.

Mizuno football

Over three decades, the boot has gone through slight chances since its original release maintaining all the features that made Morelia such an iconic product. So we want to celebrate with this commemorative release on the 35th Anniversary with an ultra-classic black/white/red drop. 2020 will become the ‘Year of the Morelia’ for Mizuno and this drop is the kick-off of a special year to come in Mizuno Football.

Mizuno football

Crafted by hand from the finest K-leather to provide the perfect comfort combined with high quality feel and great hold.

Instead of the standard 20 minutes lasting process, the upper of these made in Japan boots is lasted for 24 hours given the ultimate fit and an improved ergonomic.

Mizuno football