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Nitro Pack

Volleyball Nitro pack

The volleyball Nitro pack, inspired by nitrogen’s properties, will bring you the power for you to enhance your explosive movements on court.

Katakana Pack

Katakana pack

At Mizuno, we proudly celebrate our Japanese identity and, once again, we took inspiration from our cultural roots to create the volleyball Katakana pack.

Wave Lightning Z5

Wave Lightning Z5

The Wave Lightning has witnessed memorable moments in Volleyball. This has inspired Mizuno to keep improving it to always provide players with a top performance shoe.



Inspired by classic Japanese retro gaming, the Jump N’ Run collection takes you on a journey to explore the golden age of video games. This vintage inspiration comes to life in our indoor shoes with a console-grey based upper and energetic power-up colors.

New Step on Mars Volleyball Collection

New Step on Mars Volleyball Collection

Step on Mars, Mizuno’s latest indoor collection, takes inspiration from one of mankind’s greatest challenges: a journey to the red planet.

Bibione Beach Marathon

The Mizuno Beach Volley Marathon, the biggest beach volleyball event in the world, takes place for the 6th consecutive time in May 2019.

Cosmo Pack Volleyball

Cosmo Pack

This years design inspiration of the Mizuno Volleyball Range was the cosmos. This is a theme that is represented in Mizunos DNA: our logo was inspired by the cosmos.

Wave Momentum Volleyball Shoe

Wave Momentum - Feed your Motion

Momentum is key for every player and team set to reach beyond their goals. When you have momentum on your side, you are hard to beat.